Ohh, my feet

Ohh, my feet. They have taken me to the beach and walked many miles along Lake Michigan's shore this summer. My feet helped me garden, weeding, watering and now picking my harvest of tomatoes and cucumbers. This past weekend me and feet stalked the African Fest for good bargains and cultural treasures. My feet danced to the live music of Shaggy in the park last week. Me and my feet feel a little tired right about now. But tomorrow I get my foot pedicure and I am ready. So if you have been as busy as me and are now feeling the effects on your feet, then I encourage you to take time to serve the feet that serve you.  And check out the handpicked products designed to relieve foot pain, help achy bunions, and make you feel better. I think I'll hit the beach I last time today. Thinking about wiggling my toes in the sand. Yeah. I'm up on my feet and planning a new adventure. What new adventure are you planning?